Our toys are divided into seven groups and can be found in seven different places in the library:

A:  These are the large, or active toys. They can be found in the side room in the library foyer and include bikes, slides and so on.

B:  Baby toys, including rattles, activity boards, etc.

C:  The construction sets, ranging from simple ones for three to four years olds to more complicated ones for older kids.

D:  These toys encourage development and include matching activities, physical activities like stacking, or pushing, musical instruments and simple science experiments with magnets and prisms

F:  Toys for fun and imagination, including small-scale models of real things that encourage imaginative play.

G:  Games and toys most suitable for children over four years of age, ranging from simple classics like dominos to more complicated family games.

J: Jigsaw puzzles, arranged in order of complexity, with the easiest at the top and the hardest on the bottom.

S: Toys purchased with a special needs grant, focusing on sensory and motor skills. Suitable for all children.

Opening Hours:


Tuesday     10.00am - 11.30am

Thursday    7.00pm - 8.00pm

Sunday       3.30pm - 4,30pm